Calling all teachers and students: can you help Shaun the Sheep design a new hen house?

The chickens and hens on Mossy Bottom Farm need a new hen house and we need your help! With all the recent rain we’ve had they need somewhere to keep warm and dry.

Sean the Sheep design a hen house competition

You can design a hen house and be in with the chance to WIN an Aardman model making session, see your hen house brought to life and win lots of Shaun goodies. You can work on your design at home or see if your school mates want to join in the fun!

shaun_bitzer_buddy2Hens and chickens like to be outdoors scratching about and catching some rays but when its cold and wet they need somewhere warm and dry. Can you help Shaun and the flock to design a comfy place for them? They will need some perches, a dust bowl and an area to scratch about and, well, just do what hens do.

Oh and don’t forget they will need somewhere to lay their eggs. When you are designing your hen house be inventive like Shaun and the flock, use items that would otherwise be thrown away, such as plastic.

Farming is a complex business, farmers have to be very clever and make sure their animals are safe and dry at night, they have to make sure they have access to food and water too.

Get a bit more help from us and read our top tips to design a hen house.

If you’re a teacher, take a look at our resource pack for teaching at KS1 and KS2.

We’re opening the competition to two age groups – under 12’s and 12 – 16 year olds.

Find out more.


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