Survey finds only 20% of UK children eat vegetables every day

Veggie KidA survey has found that only one in five children eats vegetables every day, instead preferring processed food such as sausages and fish fingers. Just 19% of parents said their child eats vegetables every day and of those who don’t, over half said their child simply won’t eat them at all.

The top 5 favourite meals of British school children are:

1) Spaghetti bolognese: 43%
2) Sausage and chips: 40%
3) Roast dinner: 37%
4) Sausage and mash: 35%
5) Fish fingers and chips: 35%

The study polled 1,912 parents with children aged 10 or under and revealed children only eat five different types of meal a week.

More than 80 per cent of parents also admitted their child was ‘too fussy’ – but nearly 40 per cent said they didn’t feel vegetables were necessary with every meal. Read more.

but on a more positive note:

Rooting out food waste

At EcoChef Tom Hunt’s Bristol restaurant, Poco, the vegetables, as well as the meat, are respected and treated as a whole entity.

Beetroot leaves, which in other places would be thrown into the bin, are served alongside the beets. Any leftover veg off-cuts are used for stock – and Hunt tries to avoid food waste in every recipe he writes.

He believes that

root to fruit is about making the most of the whole plant, in the same way that nose-to-tail cooking is about eating the entire animal. It’s about cooking consciously in our own kitchens. This way, everyone can help prevent food waste, rather than contribute to it.”


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